Colonial Chemical

Metal Working and Industrial Lubricants

Colonial Specialty Chemical (CSC) specializes in the metalworking and industrial lubricant marketplace. Our insight into the needs of this market offer not only high value service, but direct access to some of the best manufacturers in the industry.  By partnering with a limited number of principles, CSC stays concentrated solely on the products that offer the most value for our customers. 

CSC is a national distributor, headquartered in Tabernacle, NJ, with accounts from New England to Texas.  We can ship in bulk, totes, drums and pails direct from our principles or through our CSC warehouses in New Jersey, Illinois, Ohio and our newest warehouse in Michigan.  Our rail capabilities maximize efficiency and cost for you as well as speed of delivery.  Our goal is always to get product to our customers as cost effectively as possible.

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Custom Manufacturing

Custom Chemical Formulating
and Packaging.



Sulfuric Acid

Battery Acid, Electrolyte Battery
Acid and Diluted Sulfuric Acid.



  • Custom Blended
  • Custom Packaged
  • Pb/Acid Batteries
  • Industrial Chemicals


Urea for Stationary DeNOx 
in the Power Generation Industry  
and Large Diesel Generators.


  • Urea Solutions
  • Aqua-Ammonia
  • National Supplier

Diesel Exhaust Fluid


Your Reliable, Quality DEF



Specialty Chemicals

Specialty Chemical Distribution Logo with link

Your specialized distributor
within the metalworking
& industrial marketplace.


  • Surfactants
  • Vegetable Oils
  • Antioxidants
  • Corrosion Inhibitors
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